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What Does My Name Mean

What does your name mean?

What does your name mean?

What is in a name? The etymology of words can be a fascinating way to break down how you name a child, a pet, or anything else in your life. Words have deeper meanings than most people realize and as a result they tend to sort of, well, take them for granted. John is just John because that is all he has ever been. However, if you want to avoid the trap of falling into the realm of generics then keep on reading and we'll help you figure out how to name something.

What does your name mean?

Figuring out the meaning of your name can be a great way to get in tune with your own identity. Of course, we don't say this in the way of deep, spiritual hippy nonsense. Rather, finding the meaning of your name can help lead you to understanding why you ended up with your name and what you can do to give a name to your child in the future. Names are binding, powerful things and to ignore the importance of their history is rather shortsighted.

To find out the meaning of your name all you really need is an internet connection and some free time. Head to your favorite search engine and get to work searching your name. You'll find the meaning in several different places and in several different depths. The origin country of your name might be diverse with similar offshoots all over the world. Dig into all of these off shoots and you will get a well rounded look at what your name is about.

Now that you know what your name means you can start to look into crafting your childs name. Look for key words that interest you and build off the etymology in order to get a deep and beautiful name. To learn more click on what does my name mean.