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What Does My Name Mean

The Hidden Energy Behind a Name

The Hidden Energy Behind a Name


More people have become aware of how the things they encounter every day affects their life. Not only is this true for the people and places everyone encounters, but also for the words they hear. A study conducted to show the impact words have on living organisms was made famous by the photos taken of ice crystals. The energy surrounding words definitely impacts the energy of living cells, even those that make up the human body. For this reason, a website has been created to provide people with information regarding the meaning behind their name.

Numbers and Energy

For those individuals seeking answers to the question of what does my name mean, the experts researchers on the website can provide them with answers. It has been shown in scientific findings that all matter can be broken down into mathematical equations. Even the symbols used to represent the letters of a given language have corresponding numbers. The expert name researchers know how to use these numbers to extract the true meaning behind a name. This meaning goes far beyond what is originally provided by way of definition when people try to look up the meanings of their own names.

Make a Change for the Better

Knowing the true meaning associated with a name could improve a person's self-esteem. This could occur if they discover the meaning of their name is associated with powerful positive energy. The true meaning of a name could also make a person aware of the need to make a change. Many people choose to change their names because they have an inner sense their name does not match their personality. The science behind name energy has shown this to be true. People who have a hard time achieving what they want in life, could actually change their fate by changing their name.