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What Does My Name Mean

What Does My Name Mean


Finding out what your name means can be challenging. In some ways, a name means very different things to different people and it is important to ascertain what the name meant to the person who gave it to your which is more likely than not your parents. For most people that is as simple as asking your parents why they decided to name you what they did. In other situations it is harder because your parents may be deceased or the name may have been passed down through the generations and more of a family tradition than a name that your parents chose for you. If this is the case then you may want to try the following resources for determining what your name means.

Consult an Naming Guide

Try researching a name resource to find out what the meaning behind various names are over the years. While this resource may not provide specific information on why your parents named you what they did it has information that may be useful in understanding what the common meaning behind your name is. It could even be possible that your parents or ancestors found a similar guide and thought that the meaning behind the name struck a specific cord with them that led them to choose this name for their own. Either way, it is interesting to understand the meaning that is commonly assigned to your name.

Use an Ancestry Service

An ancestry service is more useful for your last name than your first one and can help to identify what your last name means and where your family comes from. The last name you have may also indicate a profession that was common in your family history or a station in your family life that represents where your family came from. If you want to know what does my name mean come visit us at